They are your running, jumping, chasing, rolling, lounging, napping, sniffing, snuggling, snarfling best friends, and you want to save these moments forever. You want pictures, but not just any pictures; you want great pictures. You want shots that show off your pal in their best light, with their best expression, their spirit and their joy. You want photos as bright and clear as your memory.

As a pet portrait photographer, I know what it takes to get great shots that will bring a smile to your face and remind you of your pup even when you are away from them. Whether I’m taking a little extra time to let a shy dog get comfortable in the studio, or rolling around on the floor with a pack of playful youngsters, my technical experience, vision, and ‘puppy sensibility’ allow me to get shots from a dogs eye view providing you with a true image of your best friend’s unique personality.

Pictures are important. They are a link to our past, a connection to our memories, and a reminder of the good times, fun, and laughter we have with those closest to us. Learn about my pet portraiture process RIGHT HERE and see how fun and easy it is to create one-of-a-kind photos you will be sure to cherish for years.