psychoI love private photo sessions with my clients and their dogs. Private Sessions range from 2-8 hours long and can involve anything from an hour or two around an apartment with a new puppy, an afternoon at the beach, or an all-day adventure in the mountains with an old dog enjoying her golden years.

No matter what stage of your life your up is in, there is a private session that is right for you. A quick (60-90 minutes) Express Session is perfect for new puppies and older dogs who might not have the energy for a longer photo shoot. At 2-4 hours, the standard Private Commission Session is the right choice for most dogs as it gives us time for a variety of situations from high energy play time to lounging around the house. A day in the life session is a full day to shoot at multiple locations, and really tell the story of your dog’s amazing life and what they mean to you. Every Private session is unique, telling the story of you and your dog and your life right now.

You can VISIT THIS PAGE to get information about portrait days, or if you want to see some past images THE GALLERIES are next.


I am also looking for dogs and humans to participate in my “Boon Companions” project. Boon Companions is a photo-documentary series designed to showcase the lives of people and the dogs they care for throughout the United States. My goal with the project is to meet, photograph, and interview 100 dogs and their owners in every state. If your story is right for the project, your Boon Companions private session is completely free and you receive digital copies of the final images for your own personal use as a thank you for being a part of the story. You can learn more about the project at