I’ve been working with dogs and their humans for quite a while now, and while I am confident that I can create a lasting portrait of your furry best friend in all their goofy soulful awesome dogishness, I’m always honored to see that other people think so too. Here are some ‘good dogs’ from people I’ve worked with in the past.


“Thanks so much, and we’ll also pass your name along to all of our friends when they ask
‘How in the world were you able to take such a GREAT picture with TWO DOGS?’”
-Tony Z.

“I’m sure everyone in my office is sick of me showing it to them already but they’ve all remarked what an amazing portrait it is.”
-Jim H.

“The pictures look great. Thanks; it was a lot of fun.
It will be hard to select the best one of Kinsey and Sunny – they are all so good.”
-Julie H.

“Thanks for taking such wonderful pictures of Wally – who knew he was so photogenic?!
Please find my order form attached. THANKS!”
-Lisa L.

“I could never in my lifetime produce this. Thanks for all your efforts and good work.”
-George H.

“Thank you for a great fun shoot. Great Photos!”
-Karin S.

“The photos are wonderful. I’m going to have a hard time Choosing!
-Christina M

“All our clients receiving their photos in the mail are VERY pleased! INCLUDING ME! I love them!”
-Traci G

“You took so many great shots of Caleigh, there was no way we could choose!”
-Laura D

“I love it! Guinness is so photogenic it’s sickening. That was fun. I can’t wait to see more!”
-Lauren R.

“WOW! Those are absolutely beautiful shots. I can’t wait to see what you can do with a private session of her!”
-Lila D.


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