ivanHanging out with dogs and making portraits their owners will love for years is one of the best jobs I could ever hope to have. I enjoy working with client dogs both in private sessions and as part of portrait day shoots.

For both private sessions and portrait days, I start by just hanging out with my new friend and letting them get used to my camera and lights. Dogs like to investigate new things, so I let them sniff around until they are comfortable enough to ignore the equipment. I take a few test shots during this hangout time without worrying about how they turn out, and usually end up on the floor to get on eye level with the pup so that they see me as just another toy. This both helps them feel less intimidated by the camera and offers some of the best perspectives for portraits.

As your pet gets more comfortable, I concentrate on compositions and lighting, waiting for good expressions and watching how the dog moves around. The workflow becomes more playful, and we grab the action shots that really show off exuberant personalities before calming down and – depending on the dog and their energy level – settling in for a short nap so I can get some nice laying down images and close-ups of noses and eyes. Things wrap up with a few last parting shots and a quick treat before I say goodbye.

scottyAfter the session, I edit the images we made together, and after selecting and retouching the very best, I upload them to a secure gallery and send you  the password. From the gallery, you can download files, order prints, or share the link with friends and family.  The entire process is fun and low-stress.

Portrait days are hosted at a doggy day care facilities, pet stores, community centers, and schools. Sometimes individuals even host a shoot for themselves and their friends in their home. I see up to fifteen clients on a typical portrait day, working with each dog for 30-45 minutes depending on their personality and how quickly the get comfortable on the set. CLICK HERE to learn more about portrait days

A private session lasts from 2-8 hours depending on the level of coverage you want. I come to you and work with your dog in a variety of setups – from playing in the yard to napping on their favorite couch. A private session is a great way to create memorable images of your dog the in their natural surroundings.  VISIT THIS PAGE if you are interested in a private portrait session.

If you want to see the kind of pictures we might make together, THE GALLERIES are next.