I started making pictures of dogs because I had a dog to make pictures of. Tired of pursuing normal photography career paths after college, I found myself bored and uninspired, living in a big loft in downtown Los Angeles. By chance, the building I lived in had a large dog run on the roof where many of us ‘dog people’ met each evening for an impromptu happy hour. When I mentioned doing a puppy portrait session with a couple who had a twelve-week old boxer puppy, a few of my other neighbors overheard and asked if I could do portraits of their dogs too. Suddenly inspired, I put flyers in the elevators advertising my newly dreamed up ‘loft dogs’ personal project that night.

I photographed thirty dogs my first weekend.

Fast forward a few years, and I have worked with all kinds of dogs from pure breeds to mutts and puppies to seniors. I love working with dogs and show-casing their joyful energy; it is always an honor to hear people tell me how that spirit and energy come through in the photos I make with their best friend. I get excited when previous clients call me for pictures of a new addition to their family, and a lump in my throat every time I get a call from someone who tells me their old pup has passed on and how much they appreciate those pictures we made months or years ago.

I have worked with hundreds of dogs over the years; see what their humans have to say about my work RIGHT HERE. When you are ready for some great images of your canine companion, DROP ME A LINE. Your pup has their own story, their own personality, their own life. Let me help you remember it.